6 Ways to Feed Your Soul and Stop Emotional Eating

Emotional eaters often use food as a way to meet their emotional needs. But while food can feed our bodies, it can’t feed our soul. The ultimate way to stop emotional eating is to “feed” our emotions with exactly what they want and need (Hint: it’s not food!). Food for our soul isn’t food at all and when we discover how to nourish our hearts and souls, we won’t have to use food for comfort.

So, what exactly do we mean when we say “nourish our soul”?

Nourishment can be defined as substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. When we feel nourished we feel satisfied, whole, sustained, nurtured, happy and healthy. So, if we’re not talking about food, what nourishes you?

Nourishment for the soul might look different for each person – you need to discover what nourishes you! And when you do, you won’t need to turn to food for comfort because your soul will feel full and nourished already.

In discovering how to nourish your soul and “feed” your emotions with what they really want, here are 6 Ways You Can Feed Your Soul:

1.   Be Still

While you may interpret this in the physical sense of not moving and resting, being still also refers to calming our minds. A great way to be still in both a physical and mental sense is through meditation. Mindful meditation brings us into the present moment where we can let go of worry, anxious thoughts and negative emotions. This has an amazing calming effect that nourishes our souls and balances out our hectic lives.

2.   Help Others

Do you remember how you felt the last time you did something good for others? A recent study from Columbia University revealed that when helping others navigate their stressful situations, we are improving our own emotion regulation skills, and therefore, benefiting our own emotional well-being. Consider lending a listening ear to a friend or family member, going out of your way to do something nice for them, or even volunteering for a cause you really care about.

3.   Spend Time in Nature

Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, helps to reduce anger, fear, stress and makes us feel good. Short-term studies have shown that exposure to green space and nature immediately reduces physiological markers of stress. Other benefits include encouraging an active lifestyle, breathing in fresh air, restoring mental energy and inspiring creativity.

4.   Immerse Yourself in Music

Music truly feeds our souls. A song can comfort, energize, motivate, or inspire us! Whether you enjoy classical music, pop or rock, music helps us to express whatever we are feeling and nourishes us in a unique way. The next time you’re feeling stressed, try listening to some music you enjoy and notice how it affects you.

5.   Play

Play and fun are usually the first to go when we get busy. But scheduling fun things into our days and weeks helps to nourish and balance us mentally, emotionally and physically. Bust stress and nourish your soul by scheduling fun into your calendar now! This could mean riding your bike, going to a show, catching up with friends, or spending time with your kids.

6.   Keep Dreaming

It’s so important to have goals and dreams! When we have something to look forward to, we feel inspired, motivated and fulfilled. Without a dream, where are we headed? Whether it’s related to your career or personal journey, wanting to achieve something brings enthusiasm and excitement into our lives. Pursuing our dreams is a great way to nourish our hearts and souls by giving us something to look forward to.


When we nourish ourselves mentally and emotionally, we feel full rather than empty. And that is exactly what emotional eaters are looking! These are just 6 of many ways to nourish your soul - can you think of other ways to “feed” your soul instead of turning to food?