Six Simple Steps to Self-Acceptance

Self-care is one of the foundations for healing emotional eating. But if you struggle with self-acceptance and self-love, you may find practicing self-care challenging. When you learn to accept yourself fully, you will find self-care comes much more naturally and instinctively. If you struggle with body image and self-esteem, self-acceptance is necessary to grow and heal.

Below are Six Simple Steps to Self-Acceptance so that you can learn to love yourself and as a result, heal your eating challenges.   

1.  Awareness

If you are constantly worried about your weight, your appearance, and your eating habits, you are distracted from living your life to the fullest. Instead of wasting your energy of worrying about food, eating, and criticizing yourself, that energy could be put towards relationships, accomplishments, and passions. Pay attention to where your energy is being spent and if it’s too focused on food, eating and weight, consider how you can redistribute your energy. Are there other interests and passions that are being ignored?

2.  Accept Yourself as You Are Right Now

It might be very challenging for you to accept yourself as you are right now. Individuals who struggle with their body image and self-esteem may be comparing themselves to others, wishing for perfection, and constantly criticizing themselves. If this sounds like you, consider how you would treat and speak to a child or good friend. Chances are, you’d be gentle, kind and understanding. When you change your perspective, you may realize how harshly you’ve been treating yourself!

3.  Really Get to Know Yourself

In order to accept yourself fully, you need to know who you are! Remember that you are more than just a body. At the core, what are your values? What physical and non-physical attributes do you like about yourself? What do you like to do? What are you good at and what you do want to be good at? Taking the time to fully know and understand yourself brings you one step closer to loving and accepting yourself!

4.  Listen to Your Body

Your body in an amazing machine that does everything from regeneration, growth, and repair. Its actually sending you signals all the time whether relating to hunger, body temperature, fatigue or pain. Take some time to pay attention to these cues. Do you pay attention when you get hungry? What about when you start to feel full? Listening to your body is a large component to having a healthy relationship with your body and your self.

5.  Nurture Your Body

Practice giving your body what it wants and needs. Whether its getting your hair or nails done, getting a massage, buying yourself a new outfit, moving more or getting more rest, treat yourself with care. When you honour your needs by taking care of your body, you show yourself and the world that you deserve love and care.

6.  Don’t Hold Back

Instead of putting your life on hold until you reach an arbitrary goal like losing weight, remind yourself that this is your life and you’re here to live it fully! This means making life choices that bring you happiness and joy. Is there any area you’ve been holding back? Whether it’s in a relationship, your career, or other personal endeavours, don’t hold back. Be fearless in your pursuit for living a vibrant life that you want and deserve!


Don’t waste your time and energy being worried about your weight, your appearance, and your eating habits. Instead, live life to the fullest! Accept yourself by learning who you are, what you want and where your energy is better spent. Really listen to your body and nurture it by giving it what it wants and needs.

When you practice self love, care and acceptance, you can heal your emotional eating and enjoy your life.