I am a registered psychotherapist and life coach with a passion for helping individuals learn to deal with their life stressors. I have worked as a psychotherapist since 2009. My areas of speciality include counseling individuals on stress management, work/life balance, anxiety/stress, self-esteem and emotional eating/weight loss.

I started in this field through my own personal journey dealing with depression, anxiety and emotional eating and now strive to help others work through their challenges, just as I have. I provide the necessary tools to identify the root of clients’ struggles and work closely with them to ensure they are listened to, supported in their process of change, respected and understood.

My approach has helped my clients improve both physically and mentally. Over time improvements include alleviating digestive issues, lowering blood pressure, battling heart disease, combating weight problems and improving sleeping habits. My clients also report success in learning effective communication skills, building self-esteem, mastering time management and creating a better work/life balance.