Have you tried every diet out there and can't keep the weight off?

Do you turn to food to suppress your emotions?

Do you use food for comfort whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or bored?

Do you find that you are grazing all day long and don't even notice when you're full?

Do you have a hard time coping with your emotions?



From the age of 6, I was an emotional eater...

My parents had me on many diet plans starting with weight watchers when I turned 8 years old. Over the next 20 years, I was on over 18 diet plans and 3 different diet pills to lose weight.

With every plan, I felt like I was walking on a tight-rope and I finally caved. 

Every road I took led me to gain even more weight. 

The emotional eating and binge eating took over my life and I knew that my weight was going to keep increasing. When I reached my highest weight of 215 lbs. I knew it was just going to keep increasing.

I soon realized that I was missing a key piece.

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At 24 I was done with the rollercoaster. I was done with binge eating, emotional eating and didn't want to diet anymore. I didn't realize this at the time, but I was avoiding my feelings. I genuinely thought it was about diet until one day I didn't eat the cookie that I so desperately wanted and I started to cry. I realized that I wanted the cookie to comfort myself and numb my emotions.

After a few situations similar to this one, I realized that the common factor was that my emotions lead me to food, so I started learning to stop pushing the feelings away using food. I lost 75 lbs. without dieting. I have maintained the weight loss for over 15 years by tuning into my feelings and learning to find other ways to cope with and acknowledge my emotions.

I want you to know that you can overcome emotional eating, like I did! After working with clients for over 10 years and coaching them through their rollercoaster, I have built a course that is geared towards helping you get off the dieting roller coaster and get control of your eating.





  • How to get off the dieting roller coaster

  • How to heal your relationship with food

  • How to lose weight without dieting

  • How to manage your feelings without numbing them

  • New ways to comfort yourself without food

  • How to empower yourself, build self esteem and learn new coping tools to manage life


 Imagine being able to ditch all diets, while still reaching your ideal weight and feeling comfortable in your skin

 Imagine being able to go out with friends without feeling uncomfortable about eating at a restaurant and in public or feeling like you need to control the restaurant / menu selection 

 Imagine being able to go to the beach and genuinely be proud to wear your bathing suit 

 Imagine being able to not have to think and obsess about food so that you could free up your mind 

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You will learn the foundations of emotional eating and the four key tools required to ditch emotional eating. These foundations will carry you through the whole course.

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You will learn how to discover what is missing in your life and causing you to turn to food.

You will learn why your relationship with food hasn't been working for you and how to create a healthy relationship with food.

You will learn how to re-wire your brain to stop using food for comfort and break the binge cycle.

You will gain tools to empower yourself and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, learn to be kind to yourself, and learn new ways to add pleasure in your life so that you don’t rely on food as your sole source of comfort. This module will put together all of the tools that you need in order to live your best life.



I have tried everything from weight watchers, to juice cleanses, and just about every diet on the planet. Why will this program work?

Emotional eating isn’t about losing weight but more so about what’s causing us to emotionally eat. Focusing on weight loss will only contribute to the stresses of losing weight. In taking Live Your Best Life and Heal Emotional Eating, you will learn tools that will support you so that you won’t rely on food for support. Only in supporting yourself and learning what the cause of emotional eating is, will you be able to overcome it.

How does Live Your Best Life and Heal Emotional Eating work?

Within every module there is a lesson introducing the module, 3-4 lessons incorporating many different tools that I have gathered over the last 15 years, as well as a summary lesson. With every lesson, you can complete the Journal Exploration Exercise while listening to the lesson. You will also have Self-Care Work to complete upon listening to the lessons.

How much time should I allocate to the program over the course of the 10 weeks?

Each week, you will have a few hours of work from listening to the lessons and completing the Self-Care Work. If at any point, the materials become unmanageable for you, you can always scale back and complete the lessons on your own time. 

What if I have questions to ask?

We are always here to support you. You can ask questions at any time in our private Facebook group. We will send you an invitation to the group upon joining the course. We are building a supportive community of women and encourage a supportive, judgement-free space where we can all be open and honest with each other about our journeys.

How do you approach intuitive eating?

I believe that when we emotionally eat, it’s because we are using food to cover our emotions. In my experience, we need to learn where there is avoid in our lives (usually emotionally) to help us learn why we are turning to food in the first place. Once we learn this, we can learn how to re-establish our hunger signals and mindfully eat since those have been lost along the way.


What is included when I register for the class?

22 Recorded Audio Lessons

40 Lesson Handouts and Worksheets



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