Welcome to my services page.  I am thrilled you want to learn about me!

I can help you in a few ways. The first way is free, sign up for emotional eating my toolkit.

If you want more structure, guidance, and support, consider one of the following options…

One to one work

I will help you work on learning new skills to stop turning to food to manage your feelings. This step by step approach will help you create a personalized plan to reach your goals.

You will learn tools to stop using food as a coping strategy and start enjoying life. Using these tools will help you lose the extra weight that is holding you back.

Sessions are held in person, on the phone or over Skype.

To learn more about my services or to set up a time for us to chat, please get in touch:

Group work

My Weekly coaching call with a group. I will be opening the door to my weekly group program soon!

It is a virtual group that you can join from wherever you are.  You will learn effective ways to manage your emotional eating, meet other people who are having similar struggles and get answers to questions you have.

This program will help you to start learning tools to stop using food to cope .

Please get in touch here if you’d like to be notified when my next group program launches.


Get help to end your struggles with food now by working in a group setting to manage your goals. My workshops are held for small groups of like-minded people who are tired of being controlled by food.

In these workshops I teach you effective tools to cope with your eating. I also take you through exercises to learn what you are feeling and how to manage it without using food. I will also provide detailed worksheets so you can learn your triggers and start managing them.

If you want to be notified of when my next workshop is running, or to schedule a private workshop for your group, get in touch here.