I started Weight Watchers when I was 8 and the dieting rollercoaster began for the next 20 years. It was devastating and affected every area of my life. Finally, I found my answer. My entire life became an opportunity to be happy and feel free of the weight. I got off the dieting roller-coaster and now help people like you stop the yo-yo dieting.

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"Natalie’s course has truly been life changing. She is incredible at meeting people exactly where they are at and exudes kindness, warmth and understanding. Her approach involves healing your relationship with food from the inside out which is radically different than any nutritionist or therapist I’ve worked with on this issue in the past. I have found the tools she given me has not only helped me manage my emotional eating but have spilled over into other areas of my life helping me find my voice and recognize the things that are not serving me and adjusting accordingly. Thanks to Natalie and this wonderful course she has created, I’m finally able to focus on the things that nurture and nourish me."

~Cate J. 



"I would recommend Live Your Best Life to anyone struggling with any level of emotional eating. Since joining the supportive community Natalie has created, I have been empowered to shift my patterns with food, but food and eating has turned less into a compartment in my life in which I am 'excelling' or 'failing. Food/eating has shifted to be a tool and and indicator for me of where I need to focus to nourish myself more completely. Through working with Natalie and the other participants in the course, I have been able to increase my self-compassion and my ability to live in the 'in-between' as opposed to the exhausting roller-coaster of self-esteem based on what or how I have eaten lately."

~ Rory N.

natalie In the news

natalie In the news

Signs your stress eating is getting out of control

Stress eating is one type of way to emotionally eat, says registered psychotherapist Natalie Shay of Toronto. Other types of emotional eating are when you eat if you’re angry, sad, bored or tired...